we oppose deception

by Levi Glassrock

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The Texas Based Indie Hip-Hop Artist known as Stitchlip, A.K.A. Levi Glassrock is back with his third full length album in 3 years, available on Stitchlips House, his own self-ran independent label.
Coming from a life & times as a street artist, many say the most prolific in the state of Texas, since the year 2000. He is widely known for his cartoon character Stitchlip, also his Rap name, & a collection of oil pastels, his signature series, which most people know him by. He has been a recording artist since the age of 17, recording analog to 4 track cassette tapes,all the way to now! These 10 songs were professionally recorded & Produced by Levi himself in his home studio during the year 2012.
The crowning achievement of the recording artist is this, his latest & most valiant effort so far, He has surpassed his own levels of skills from album to album. Here Levi Glassrock presents us with a usual mix of his personal and melancholy styles, but swirled with a dazzling array of protest songs and conspiracy theories put to music, undoubtedly, free energy charged lyrics that seem like they were taken directly from speeches of J.F.K or Martin Luther King. There are also poignant explanations for hating facebook & warnings against G.M.O foods such as "What We Needed", Other songs, simple warnings of possible chaos in a technoligical world such as "Little Black Hole" & "Blast Off" .
There is also an impending sense of tragedy & doom or perhaps prophetic visions of a possible alien invasion in the lyrics not to mention an unusual freedom of speech in the music that is refreshing, & assuredly no accident, You dont have to listen to the lyrics long to see why the top 40 radio will probably not touch it, unless he switches to that mainstream / LAME stream style, but the artist assures us that It aint gonna happen, Levi's broad range of influence and prior musical experience give way to, smart, well timed, Dope rhythms & beats merging with post-hardcore influenced melodys where rock & roll merges well with hip-hop & shoegaze, & electro-pop all of which combine to leave you absolutely amazed!



released February 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Levi Glassrock Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: pass the torch
This is the dopest, I hope it's a hit just like hocus pocus
this is a game & I'm playing yall kids like I was the Joker,
@ the coffe shop, I make a meal while you're making a moka
you did a sloppy job, but you got a dollar from the midnight toker,
I was broke, I felt about ready to croak, I aint making a joke ,
It felt like losing control, within my soul, saw a little tiny piece of coal,
I seen it grow, into something I love & I know, I call up my Bro,
sometime when I'm feelin low, Say it aint so , & I'd rather say nothing at all
Looking at my generation, I must admit that you're making me L.O.L.
Trying to change my life, you know that's always the goal,
But I live the strangest life, Maybe its taking it's toll,
Playing a dangerous dive, I think I see someone I know,
It's a gang this time, It's a good thing that I've got the dough
& the language is like, I dont feel like killing my foe's..

I hope you always stay the same, I know you'll always play the game,
more than fortune & the fame , pass the torch, carry the flame,
they've got something up thier sleeve, better know what you believe,
there's nowhere that we can go, from the Earth we cannot leave,
In outer space you cannot breathe, but they have a technolgy,
you dont have to wear a suit, alien kids think it's cute,
Try not to lose your head , we don't want them seeing red,
If you let them pet your head, maybe then you will get fed?
Track Name: running the street
I dont need to go swimming in the ocean, I never needed that in my life
I dont need to go flying in an airplane, but thats an easy way to get high,
I dont need to immitate the commercials so easy to memorize
dont even need to read the newspaper cause theyre only telling you lies!
this is the time of your life, when shes next to you
dont ever say that true love is just a hex to you..
If you sailed away into the ocean blue, this wouldnt be a sweet island without you..
You were just a child, you were running wild, in the streets
must have run a hundred miles, you were running wild with me..
If you look beyond our smiles, theres some real X-files you cant read
they asked if I was getting tired, If I was tired of running, the streets....
Track Name: you were the one
We could see the sun & the skys color
It was so much fun, each day was a treasure
I knew you were the one, it wasnt only pleasure
Never liked spending the day without you
but I know that its better than living without you
Said you loved me and I would never doubt ya
If I'm not making music I feel like a sloucher
Maybe youll get the picture,
when Im patiently waiting for the music to hit ya
Maybe youll take a picture
& see a photograph of the ghosts that are with ya
I really wish I could explain, but not this time
clever words, they are only a waste of time.
I can see that you are not the same, I change my mind
as soon as Im looking away, you cross that line.
Track Name: back in the days
Back in the days when I was such a mess
every friend I ever had never passed the test
Always amazing myself when I would realize I was going to survive
people throwing money in my guitar case & slapping me five
people supported cause it was reported that it was alright
Everything that Im selling is free if I could spend the night
& It never felt like holding up a sign, It was better than, a life of crime
I resist the urge all the time, to go downtown & claim whats mine
Back in the days, you had me figured out, lost in your city, I needed you to help me out.
Some people looked at me crazy like they didnt know what that all was about,
So I give them a daisy, theyre acting like they can't see or can't smell.
& it never felt like a waste of time, something so simple could blow my mind
It touched my soul, every time I didnt know people could be so kind.
Track Name: branded
It's me at last, I''ve got it slow & fast
know the future from the past
see my rocket engine blast
It's me at last ,I've taken off my cast
my bones are feeling better & I feel like kicking ass
I'm free at last I know its been a long time
guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time
Please don't ask I'll tell you when I want to
You don't want to hear the story, I know it will haunt you

If you could see yourself, walking in my shoes
you wouldn't dream of taking an ocean liner cruise
If I could see myself, walking in your shoes,
I would know when its best to give up, instead of lose

If you were just like me,
I wouldn't ask you to change but you would know what was best to do
I was just like you, on top of the world, at least for a day or two
we were just the same, looking in the mirror all I can see is you
then what would we do, the truth becomes clearer, now I can see the truth

Hey , remember me? the kid you would compete with,
It must have been a sweeper kick, I knocked you off your feet with
with a leaflet & a pamphlet, atheist on the street cant handle it
a christian I was branded, alot of yall left me stranded
but not on a desert island, I was in a club just smiling
everyone looking at me like they really was X- filing
Should I be silent? or should I play them a song on a violin
I'll only do that as a last resort, if it gets violent.

If you could see yourself, walking in my shoes
you wouldn't dream of taking an ocean liner cruise
If I could see myself, walking in your shoes,
I would know when its best to give up, instead of lose
If you could see youself, walking in my shoes
you wouldn't dream of eating dinner anywhere you choose
If I could see myself, walking in your shoes
I would know when its best to back down, I aint a fool
Track Name: only half
Another windy day & I see you flying high as a kite
I love it when they say, I know I got a feeling inside
I used to feel so bad, I used to hang my head & cry
but it really aint so bad, at least I still had my life
I heard what you said & the words cut just like a knife
every single day I always see you passing me by

Only half in love with me, I couldn't put the blame on you
you were me, I was you, what were we supposed to do
Then I was, like a child, I was so damn immature
you were good medicine, but baby you were not the cure.
Track Name: citizen scientist
Citizen scientist I'm counting on you,
you can learn it all just watchin youtube
sometimes I don't know what we'll do
if what they're saying is true
I tried to send a message to you
look at all the trouble that got me into
Your gonna have to figure out the meaning of this all by yourself, Yeah.. yeah..
Nobodys ever really gonna tell you that knowedge is wealth baby. Ooooohhh.
& it's about time I showed my people just how it fell down, Low..
they got you scared thinking that the ice gonna melt now
It's too late for these questions, you must open your eyes
to ever find an answer, in a world so full of lies
Track Name: guardian angel
You always try, to seize the day...

They try to comfort you, this is how they do,
they told you nobody will come for you, they'll get em if they do
this means more to me than it does for you, but I still got love for you
I was always looking for something new, that we could get into,

You always try, to seize the day...

This is the life & you better believe it
this is the life I wanted to know,
I'm so happy that were together
Baby I'd never let you go

My guardian angel, I know you are true
those wings I held on to, I had a feeling it was you..
Track Name: shooting star
Feel like were not the same, we never liked to share the pain
so we painted with our blood, dont erase the stain
Now things are looking better, we all needed a change
I would like to see a video of you, your like a move star, maybe thats who you are
I would like to see a city thats new, maybe a shooting star, would never fall so hard,
They couldnt see your tears, when you were walking in the rain,
familys toasting cheers, meanwhile your going insane.
I would like to see a video of you, your like a move star, maybe thats who you are
We would like to see a city thats new, maybe a shooting star, would never fall so hard
Track Name: take me down
I know exactly what you want , it's like this,
& it feels so good, its like a first kiss
I know that I got you falling in love with the beat
So Im going to throw it to the crowd like it was a piece of meat
All the fools who thought it was'nt street
Im going to suprise them all like it was trick or treat
They can all keep hating on me,
like I was still a kid skating on the street
I would stroll through the town,
selling popular sketches of my cassette unwound
Should have seen you looking at me like a hound,
trying to figure out how you were going to take me down

I know that it's my destiny & yes it is profound
I know that you were testing me, no more is that allowed
I know that it's a blessing, Im not being proud
I know that you learned your lesson, Im talking to the crowd
You know how to push my buttons, you've got me figured out
Yeah I see you strutting, you think your real big now
better watch out mclovin, see I can still throw down
& If I see you getting rough with a lady I will be checking you out

I would stroll through the bar, selling popular sketches of my flying guitar
I should have seen you looking at me like a snake,
trying to figure out how much money do I make

All the fools who thought it was'nt street
Im going to suprise them all like it was trick or treat
They can all keep hating on me,
like I was still a kid skating on the street
Track Name: a little black hole
I fell into a little black hole, the devil tried to steal my soul
I knew that he never could, I just want to do some good
give me another chance, I just want to make you dance
I don't want to be your king, I just want to make you sing
I know its going to be alright, I know its going to be ok
I did it all for you, you did it all for me
connecting computers, just like the dots of triangle bermuda
make sure that you have enough food and shelter, so your not a looter
turn off the TV cause know theres something much better from the future
if you don't believe me then just get online so you can find a teacher, for me.

I fell into a little black hole , fell into a little black hole....
I fell into a little black hole , fell into a little black hole....
Track Name: money to burn
Held it against you, for too long
trying to convince you, that you were wrong
I wrote a letter to mail you, must have been lost
wrote a song, not to fail you, but that took too long
One of the saddest things I've ever learned
never trust anyone but yourself
some people, they've got money to burn
but maybe that's just another millionaires living hell..
please dont direct me or tell me when to start
this is not an act, this is not a part
I'm playing on the stage, messages are going far
didn't have a home, I wanted a star,
on the walk of fame, I walked into a bar
I only came in, just to show my art
to poor people, all day they're working hard
I wanted to see, if they would show some heart
Have I ever told you something that wasn't true?
that's why I never said I don't love you
Track Name: blueberries
Your never really gonna change the way I feel, when I know it's real
seems like I reinvented the wheel, I found my thrill
I would like to go picking blueberries with you
the grass is green, the sky is blue
there is the sweet sound of your laughter I hear
that, I'll always love to listen to..
some of these days it makes a fool out of you,
swore on your life that it was true..
I want it & I need it, Iv'e got, a feeling
go ahead, here's your chance
there's the floor, if you wanna dance...
If it's just, you & I, please baby, dont you cry
please don't, don't say goodbye,
I aint gonna clip your wings if you ever wanna fly....